Blog Evaluation Two: The Everygirl is Oh So Organized

With another opportunity to evaluate a blog I decided on something a little more lighthearted and closer to something I would read for personal interests.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 5.25.09 PM

The Everygirl blog is unbelievably organized making it easy to navigate. From finance to fashion this blog literally has everything a girl would ever need. Not only does this blog archive, but it has easy to use navigation tabs that allow users to choose blog categories based on interests. No longer do you have to scroll through pages and pages of posts to find what you are looking for.

The blog has done a great job integrating its posts with other social media platforms allowing users to pin articles to Pinterest, like them for Facebook, or tweet them on Twitter. One the far left side of the page, The Everygirl blog has integrated its systems with Facebook and Twitter to show individuals who like the page, as well as loading the latest tweets on their Twitter feeds. This real time information really makes the reader feel connected to the writers as well as other audience members.

One of my favourite features on The Everygirl is the “Most Popular” section. Using some sort of analytic tool has enabled the blog to determine which posts are most popular and advertise this to other visitors on the site. This is a really engaging tool that captures the reader’s attention and makes them feel like they are part of something larger. Generally these posts include some sort of product giveaway which really helps The Everygirl gain attention on all social media platforms. 

For all you women out there looking for a fun, easy read give The Everygirl blog a visit at:

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2 responses to “Blog Evaluation Two: The Everygirl is Oh So Organized

  1. Great example! I like the categories and most popular features you mentioned. Those are really good features that consider the reader, which is what I’m understanding is critical for a blog to succeed.

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